Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ Training Program Curriculum

The Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ training program curriculum presents advanced concepts and practical implementation guides. Each highly interactive course is based on the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ and taught according to Blackblot's established training pedagogy.

  • Blackblot Strategic Product Manager™ (SPMR) – This three-day educational program is the most professional product management training presently available to product managers.

  • Blackblot Strategic Product Director™ (SPLD) – This one-day advanced course provides attendees with the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully formulate and lead product organizations and establish effective product management processes.

  • Blackblot Strategic Product Marketer™ (SPMK) – This one-day educational program presents attendees with a practical and interactive learning experience and provides the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to plan and manage strategic marketing activities at technology companies.

  • Blackblot Market-Value Pricing™ (MVP) – This one-day educational program provides attendees with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively contribute to product pricing activities.

  • Blackblot Product Management for Service-providers and Manufacturers™ (MPM) – This educational program provides business service-providers and technology-intensive manufacturers with the working knowledge and understanding of best-practices, methodologies, and practical applications in product management.

  • Customized private training of these courses is available for companies with five or more attendees. For more information, please contact us.