Blackblot Market-Value Pricing™ Course

The Blackblot Market-Value Pricing (MVP) is a one-day advanced course that provides attendees with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively contribute to product pricing activities. Pricing is immensely complex, multi-varied, and driven by numerous conjoint considerations with far reaching consequences. This course delineates useful concepts, models and processes that aid the making of actual pricing decisions.

The MVP course is based on the PMTK MVP Model which is a market-value centric pricing process that guides sets of managerial decisions that help determine a product's price. The PMTK MVP Model embodies a market-value pricing approach.

All Blackblot Market-Value Pricing™ course training graduates worldwide receive a free digital copy of the Blackblot MVP Book.

Customized private training of this course is available for companies with five or more attendees. Details of the course daily agenda and curriculum are in the course syllabus. For more information, please contact us.