Blackblot Procedural Requirements Management Model

A market requirement is an aggregate unit of information, which represents with sufficient detail, the functionality sought by users to address a specific facet of a particular market problem. This is the full and comprehensive definition of a market requirement.

Developed by Blackblot, the Blackblot Procedural Requirements Management™ Model (PRM Model) is a methodology to create high-quality, usable market requirements.

This model serves several objectives:
  • Provide a structured approach to crafting market requirements.
  • Establish a market requirement's internal structure.
  • Validate a market requirement's integrity.

By understanding the overall functionally that is described by the sum of market requirements, it is possible to construe the scope of the market problem. Essentially, the market problem is described by the sum of market requirements, and the market problem scope is described by the overall functionality that is in the market requirements.

Market requirements are built using four components: directive, constraints, rationales and sources. The essential component of a market requirement, that must be present in any market requirement, is the directive.

For more information, please read the "Crafting Market Requirements" chapter in the Blackblot PMTK Book.

Blackblot Procedural Requirements Management Model

PRM Model Element Description
Directive Instruction that guides what is to be accomplished.
Constraints Limitations imposed on the solution.
Rationales Reasoning that support a claim.
Sources Information that validate a claim.