Blackblot Technology Product Management Products and Services Offering

This table is provided by Blackblot - Product Management Expertise™ as a tool which enables HR/Training managers to evaluate Blackblot's offering in the technology product management category and supports the making of informed decisions about the quality of Blackblot's training, templates, certification, and methodology. Blackblot also provides needs assessment forms that help HR/Training managers verify that they are selecting the appropriate courses for their employees.

Blackblot Products and Services The Addressed Challenge
Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) – customizable and feature-packed professional template collection. Registered users receive free and unlimited updates and upgrades via a lifetime subscription. Blackblot PMTK templates offer a consistent and holistic managerial approach to product management, and present a practical and comprehensive methodology (tasks, processes, deliverables, and roles) that covers nearly all aspects of product management. PMTK templates are consistent, uniform and presently the only such product available in its category.
Blackblot Strategic Product Management™ – occupational core and advanced skills training program for technology product management professionals. Highly interactive, practical and formulated to provide the required knowledge, skills and tools. Teaches the Blackblot PMTK methodology. • Pedagogy – training is guided by a structured pedagogy that facilitates a collaborative, contextual and active learning experience.
• Supplemental – training is supported by various learning and post-training work tools (PMTK Book, PMTK Templates, Content Retention Tools, Concept Presentations, Seminar Action Plans, career support).
Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ – complete and holistic product management methodology that is supported by twelve work models, uniform terminology, and consistent processes. Product management is comprised of many activities that profoundly impact a product's chances of success. Accordingly, standardized product management done consistently well can greatly increase the probability of product success and profitability.
Blackblot Product Management Professional Certification™ – tests practitioners on the Blackblot PMTK methodology. Certification enables companies to achieve better consistency in the internal application of the product management discipline and allows individuals to differentiate themselves, validate skills, and gain professional acknowledgement in support of their career.

Blackblot®, an international premium brand, is a unique knowledge company which specializes in developing practical technology product management and product marketing work methodologies. Blackblot is an IS0 9001:2008 certified business.

  • Over 3,000 professionals trained worldwide in the Blackblot PMTK Methodology™ since 2004
  • Over 5,500 registered users of the Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK)
  • Over 900 companies have selected Blackblot's training and methodology implementation services
  • Blackblot education is delivered worldwide (Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA)